Swing and Miss


October 16, 2012 by marissapags

The new Chanel No.5 starring Brad Pit ad has generated quiet a bit of talk in the media. People were a little surprised Pitt scored the eminent role as being the first male face of this prestigious Chanel fragrance with previous icons includes Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman (Huffington Post). Sources reveal the actor gained a hefty price of 7 million dollars for the ad (Huffington Post). The ad debuted on Monday and is directed by filmmaker Joe Wright. I just saw the advertisement a few minutes ago and personally it was painful to watch.  It is awfully cheesy and the nonsensical script, although attempts to be serious and profound is just confusing and over dramatic. The cinematography elements are good though and Pit looks shmick as always. I’m still embarrassed for him though. Take a look for yourself.





Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/15/brad-pitt-chanel-no-5-ad-video_n_1966410.html Viewed 16th October 2012


One thought on “Swing and Miss

  1. crispycreme says:

    I agree with your thoughts on this. It’s bizarre how Brad Pitt even got picked to be in the Chanel ad. Chanel and Brad Pitt have nothing in common!

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